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Product Name:Emotor & Electrical Controller
Product Detailed:

E-motor characteristic

Friction rate is zero
Energy can be recycled
Generally does not put out heat

E-controller characteristics

Computer allocated electrical energy.
Battery monitoring and management, maximum battery life

FTL judgment basis, maintain the best working condition

Energy recycle system works to recycle the energy that would be potentially lost in conditions such as brake and downhill idling. This system can save energy in order to extend vehicle endurance as well as protecting the brake pad to improve safety.

Everytime when there comes to a brake, braking pad will send signals to the general electronic control unit which will then decide if the energy should be recycled, depending on the working condition of other electronic control units. Meanwhile, general electronic control unit will distribute the torque of auxiliary braking.

In a regular vehicle,  braking system is only used to shorten glissade distance and reduce driving speed. However, the momentum of the vehicle will lost in the way of heat. Energy recycle system can reuse this amount of energy through following way:

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